“Our top priority is to surpass our client’s expectation at affordable cost.”

We strive to understand our client’s objectives and apply the appropriate resources and technologies to accomplish the desired results within their budget. Our client’s objectives become our objectives while creating a healthy environment with energy efficient, user-friendly and sustainable system design.

Min Engineering, Inc. is fully dedicated and supports specific outcomes of HVAC, plumbing, electrical and fire protection engineering services in order to satisfy our clients.

Our goal for each project is to create a healthy and “green” environment. We believe that buildings and human life have a symbiotic relationship where both support each other. Our logo, which looks like a green letter “M”, symbolizes two Chinese characters “人” which mean "human". The symbol represents teamwork of people to create the building, and it also represents the relationship between the teams of builders and designers, and users/residents of the building.



Min Engineering, Inc. is a small, minority / disadvantaged business enterprise certified by the Maryland Department of Transportation, Baltimore City, and many other local and state agencies. To view our certifications, please click here.